We are the original inventors of this open zipper glove design.

We all take gloves on and off, whether adjusting gear, getting out your phone or a snack, or just letting hands cool off, we do it all the time. If you make sure your coat and gloves are sealed so no snow gets in, then it can be time consuming and a hassle to take your gloves on and off.

In 2004, while riding the Great Western lift at Brighton Resort, Utah, the idea came to the mind for a better way to gain access to hands in a unique way, without completely removing gloves. With a simple zipper across the top of the hand, in just the right spot, with just the right curve, it is easy to slip on and off. A quick zip and you are on your way, secure, and you didn’t have to break that seal between your coat and gloves.

Perfecting the design led to the necessity to hold the open portion of the glove out of the way. We achieved this goal with a velcro strap at the wrist. Simply release, fold the open portion down, wrap strap around, and secure. Reverse this process and your hands are back in, safe from the elements. A common sense hand covering solution.”